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About Crop Circle Base

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I've been a fan of Crop Circles since the early 90's, reinterpreting them as paintings and illustrations.
Some say that crop circles are the result of anomalous weather patterns or intense aerial microwave activity. Others believe that they are alien life imprints. Others again write them off as the mischief of a couple of old men stumbling with string in the dark... 

Nevertheless, they are beautiful, mesmerising and extremely complex designs and artefacts.
​Crop Circle Base is the result Crop Circle Fan friends suggesting I share my art here.

It's my observation that Crop Circles are complex, beautiful and mesmerising. I find having crop circle artwork around me promotes a different feel to my everyday environment. I hope I can share my passion with you through these printed works and everyday objects.

I created crop circle art as a meditation and creative outlet, creating several hundred pieces, it's my good fortune that I can share some of them with you here

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